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Canthan Timeline

The Canthan Empire uses its own dating system for strictly internal and local affairs. Years are counted from the date the clans unified into the Empire of the Dragon under Lord Emperor Kaineng Tah. The years before this date are not considered important enough to number, and are simply referred to as the early, middle, or late pre-imperial era.

Note that in Tyria, Elona, and other non-Canthan cultures, the letters “CC” mark years on the “Canthan Calendar.” In Cantha, the year 1 CC is simply the year 1.

1582 CC Present day. Master Togo summons Mhenlo to the Shing Jea Monastery.
1581 CC Resurgent trade between Cantha and the devastated Tyrian kingdoms formalized in the Second Treaty of Lion's Arch. Bay of Sirens renamed Sea of Sorrows after upswing in shipwrecks.
1568 CC Kintah dies and is succeeded by his son Kisu, who becomes the 31st Canthan emperor.
1527 CC The Luxons and Kurzicks of Cantha end formal diplomatic contact, communicating with each other only when required (and almost always through official liaisons of the Celestial Ministry).
1450 CC Cantha's embassy formally closed in Ascalon City.
1412 CC Long-standing trade agreements between the Tyrian kingdoms and the Canthan Empire dissolved by imperial decree.
1382 CC Shiro Tagachi slain in the Harvest Temple of Cantha after killing Emperor Angsiyan. The bloodline is unbroken when his son Hanjai (Kisu's great-great grandfather) ascends to the throne.
731 CC Cantha begins trading with Tyria.
684 CC Serpents leave the world of men.
511 CC Prince Chang Hai, a Warrior Monk, becomes first Ascendant emperor of Cantha.
51 CC Kurzicks declare independence from Cantha, become vassal clan.
48 CC Luxons formally secede from the Empire, and become vassal clan.
46 CC Lord Emperor Kaineng Tah dies under mysterious circumstances.
0 CC Canthan clans unite under Kaineng Tah, first Lord Emperor of the Dragon.

Months and Seasons

The 360 days of the Canthan calendar are broken into 12 months of 30 days each. Each month once aligned perfectly with the cycles of the moon, but over time the two cycles have diverged. Today, the new moon usually appears roughly halfway through any given Canthan month.

Most months of the Canthan calendar have names whose origins are lost to history and predate the empire by centuries. Only two—Changhai and Kainengtah—have relatively recent origins. These months, which bookend the Canthan year, are named for the two most celebrated emperors in Canthan history: Kaineng Tah, the Lord Emperor who united the Canthan clans; and Chang Hai, a prince who followed the path of the hero and became Ascendant before taking the throne. Chang Hai became the first of many such "Ascendant Emperors."

Seasons Months
Air aligned, days 1-90 Changhai
Fire aligned, days 91-180 Zalfawn
Water aligned, days 181-270 Nemnai
Earth aligned, days 271-360 Yundinfang