Guild Wars




The Stone Summit

The Stone Summit are a guild of xenophobic dwarves who live high up in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Their hatred of other cultures (particularly humans) runs so deep that they won't even deal with other dwarf clans who have trading relationships with the human nations.

The Stone Summit pride themselves on their fanaticism. To them, there is only one right way to do things—their way. There is only one group worthy of ruling the world—the Stone Summit. All other life is meaningless. They are cruel, brutal, calculating, and cold hearted to a degree rarely seen in civilized nations. A Stone Summit dwarf could split a man's head without a thought and feel as little concern as if he had just stepped on an earth worm.

The Stone Summit leader, Dagnar Stonesplitter, is said to aspire to one day rule all of Tyria. His methods are messy but effective. The price he extracts for failure is death, which tends to put a hard edge on everything.

Those dwarves who have managed to survive inside the guild for any significant period of time are as tough as stone and just as cold. They execute their orders with a brutal efficiency, knowing that they must succeed or die.

The Stone Summit have a penchant for slavery. They can often be found riding giants and other beasts bound with all manner of manacles and restraining devices. They don't bother to tame their mounts, preferring to simply chain the beasts and overpower them, making them bend to their will rather than becoming accustomed to their new role. If given the opportunity, they would enslave humans and other, “non-pure” dwarves as well.