Guild Wars





Born in: Serenity Temple
Nation: Ascalon
Profession: Monk
Age: 22

Born in Serenity Temple to a priest of Dwayna and priestess of Balthazar, Mhenlo has been steeped in the teachings of healing and smiting magic. A devoted servant of both Dwayna and Balthazar, he has studied hard his entire life, and has been rewarded by both the gods of his provenance. But paying allegiance to two gods has not been without its consequences; without a clear path to follow, Mhenlo has a tendency to over-analyze situations and possible consequences, not sure whether to take the path of aggressive strength or that of defensive grace.

Mhenlo has spent much of his life inside Serenity Temple, paying homage to the old gods and studying the Path, which will lead him to enlightenment. He is rather timid as the story begins, not completely trusting of his magical prowess. But with Cynn's help he gains confidence and becomes more comfortable with his considerable power.