Guild Wars




Sorrow's Furnace Preview

On the eastern slopes of Lornar's Pass, north of Camp Rankor rests the deep, slag-strewn expanse of Grenth's Footprint. Once a sacred place for the dwarves of Deldrimor, the peak itself has been completely dismantled, and the land torn open to get at the precious metals beneath the soil. The Stone Summit have dug deep into the Shiverpeak Mountains. Underneath the stripped, barren land, are the all-but-depleted mining shafts of Sorrow's Furnace.

On the heel of Grenth's Footprint lies the gate into Sorrow's Furnace—only the boldest and bravest dare enter.



The Stone Summit have mined this area until the ground itself has caved in, draining it completely, leaving only their tattered scaffolding behind.


Near the surface, where the ceiling has been breached, the snowy Shiverpeak drifts seep in, as if trying to quell the fires that burn deep inside.



The fiery heart of Sorrow's Furnace is home to some of Tyria's most fearsome creatures.