Guild Wars





This section contains the chapters of a short story set in the Guild Wars world. Chapters are illustrated with concept art images from our Gallery.

Chasing a Legend
"The Dwarf who had customized his new bow scratched his beard. 'The last fella from Ascalon who went out there never returned.'"
The Protectors of Kryta (Part Two)
"Across the gorge, four Krytan merchants were fighting for their lives. Surrounded on three sides, a flock of six birdlike creatures slashed at them with swords, axes, and claws."
E3 2005 Preview: Sorrow's Furnace
"The fiery heart of Sorrow's Furnace is home to some of Tyria's most fearsome creatures."
The Protectors of Kryta (Part One)
"Saul is a shepherd, and we are but his humble followers. You would do well to follow his example."
The Battle for Kyhlo: The Final Hour
"Getting to his feet, Mordakai took the stone steps two at a time, leaping to the top to be greeted by the vision of a swirling melee."
The Battle for Kyhlo (Day Two)
"He was the Reaper of Ascalon, his hammer the scythe, his tarnished, blood-covered armor the flowing robes of Death himself."
The Battle for Kyhlo (Day One)
"Even with the ramparts and archers patrolling the crenellations, the guild was still in for a tough fight. Not everyone would live to see another dawn."
6: The Rift
"Hurry,." said Lord Victo, as he reached the top of the stairs, turning to float before the elaborate altar. "The unworthy dead grow restless. Do not allow them to interfere."
5: The Wilds
"The jungle grasped for the sun, pushing higher and higher as the individual plants fought with each other for survival and a larger share of the life-giving light."
4: The Dwarves
"I don't care if any of the dwarves in these mountains are our allies," she said, her eyes turning dark and the jeweled tip of her staff turning a fiery orange, "I'm through being chased."
3: The Shiverpeaks
"As if on cue, the huge wooden gate guarding the front entrance to the camp slid open, and a shambling mass of creatures rode out."
2: The North
"The beast's beady little eyes twitched up and down, as if it were sizing her up."
1: The Wall
"Devona looked out at a world of upheaval, the ruins of a fallen kingdom, now desperately holding onto its last, best hope for survival."