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What's New in Xunlai Tournament House v2?

We've totally revamped the Xunlai Tournament House to make voting much quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before!

Using the Guild Wars authentication technology, we have increased the security on the site so that logging into the Xunlai Tournament House is now as fast and secure as logging into the game. At the login screen, simply enter your existing Guild Wars account name and password—no need to register separately. Remember, you should only enter your Guild Wars account name and password at a site that shows HTTPS:// in your browser's address bar.

You'll begin on the new dashboard-style page that summarizes your current predictions. Tabs at the top of the dashboard page take you directly to 1v1 and GvG voting pages. We've also separated prize descriptions and pictures into their own tab so you don't have to search through the rules and legal text to see what's up for grabs. This streamlined and reorganized interface makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to navigate around the site, make your predictions quickly, and get back to playing the game!

On the voting pages themselves, making your tournament picks is quicker and easier than ever before. Just drag and drop your choices from the list of competitors (which is now sorted by QP so you can tell who the odds-on favorites are) to your list of predicted winners. If you change your mind, simply drag and drop picks to manually rearrange your list however you like, or remove individual picks entirely—no more hitting Reset and starting from scratch!

If you're in a hurry or aren't familiar with the competitors, use the Random button to generate your list. Hit the Random button as many times as you like until you've got the picks you want, and then fine-tune your predictions by manually rearranging and replacing items however you like. You can even make a few picks of your own and use the Random button to fill in the rest.

Visit the new and improved Xunlai Tournament House and start picking winners today!


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