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Guild Wars 5k Gen Con Arena shows "The Good Ol Days"

If you haven't heard yet, ArenaNet is running our very first sealed play tournament here at Gen Con in Indianapolis this weekend. Sealed Play is new type of tournament we will be running at live events for Guild Wars fans both old and new. As explained in the universal tournament rules, each team of 4 players ends up with 64 random skill cards. From these skills (and Resurrection Signet and/or Charm Animal) each team must choose what skills each character is using and create them to compete in 4v4 matches to the death.


Here is a close-up of what the skill cards look like.

At the first qualifier round held, 7 teams showed up and competed to try and advance to the finals on Saturday and a chance at winning part of the $5,000 prize pool.

Of these 7 teams, 5 were made up of single players and fans who showed up to compete.

In the end, team "The Good Ol Days" won the first qualifier by winning 5 matches straight, with 2 other teams close behind. They (Morgan, Spencer, Wik, and Darren) get to compete in the semi-finals being held on Saturday.

Here is a list of the skill cards that they received that they used to build their winning team from. Can you pick which skills they used?

Elite skills:

Blessed Light
Bull's Charge
Whirling Axe
Triple Chop
Skull Crack
Psychic Distraction
Power Block
Obsidian Flesh
Defiant Was Xinrae

Non-elite skills:

Heal Party
Holy Strike
Infuse Health
Infuse Health
Wielder's Boon
Healing Breeze
Weapon Of Warding
Vigorous Spirit
Protective Bond
Divine Boon
Light Of Dwayna
Wary Stance
Yeti Smash
Axe Twist
Animate Bone Fiend
Verata's Sacrifice
Rodgort's Invocation
Irresistable Blow
Healing Signet
Plague Touch
None Shall Pass
Cry Of Frustration
Arcane Larceny
Arcane Thievery
Ether Lord
Spirit Shackles
Shadow Of Fear
Verata's Gaze
Chaos Storm
Soothing Images
Mantra Of Earth
Mantra Of Flame
Choking Gas
Choking Gas
Cruel Was Daoshen
Ancestors' Rage
Favorable Winds
Sundering Attack
Nature's Renewal
Kindle Arrows
Barbed Trap
Maiming Strike
Poisonous Bite
Focused Shot

Watch for more reports and pictures to come soon!