Guild Wars




Gen Con 5k Arena a success!

ArenaNet's first sealed play tournament held Gen Con in Indianapolis this weekend finished up with some fierce competition throughout the day.

While players were getting ready to start the final qualifier, some of us tried out other games in the e-games room.


It also seemed that some hoped V would stand for victory in this final qualifier.


At 12:30, 8 teams came to compete with Dragon's Den being the only repeat team. The other 7 teams were made of a mix up of returning players as well as several who tried this format for the very first time.

Team Decapitated Chickens

Team Dragon's Den

Team Dark Oddysey

Team ATX

Mike setting up Purple Team

Team Level 21

Team Kenshen

These teams (along with Team Fuzzy Bunnies) competed hard for 2 hours and in the end, Team ATX earned the final slot, with Level 21 and Decapitated Chicken running close behind.

After some quick scorekeeping, it was time to give out the prizes for the players who earned the 5th though 8th place prizes. Since teams kept changing members so much, we calculated each player's individual score for the show and gave out prizes based upon that.

5th place earned $75 each

6th place earned $60 each

7th place earned $40 each

8th place earned $25 each

Then, after a short 1 and a half hour break, it was time for the finals!

"Sons of Narnia" were paired up randomly against "Good Ol Days" and "Make it Work" faced off against "ATX".

Sons of Narnia

Make It Work

The semi-finals ended with "Make It Work" and "Good Ol Days" advancing to the finals and "Sons of Narnia and "ATX" getting ready to face off against each other to determine 3rd and 4th place.

The battle for 3rd place was fierce but in the end "Sons of Narnia" won it.

For finishing 4th, the members of Team ATX won $100 each.

For winning their last match, "Sons of Narnia" came in 3rd place and earned $150 each.

The battle to determine who would win the 1st Guild Wars Sealed Play tournament was much closer and went longer than anyone expected.

After winning the 1st battle, most thought that "The Good Ol Days" would win the 2nd battle and thus the entire event.

Team Make it Work

Team The Good Ol Days

This was especially thought to be the case as the 2nd battle came down to a 2 on 1 battle with "The Good Ol Days" having the advantage (and a pet besides).

We were all surprised though when the remaining "Make it Work" Warrior was able to take out one of the remaining opponent's AND the remaining pet after running around the map to heal back up.

This second battle then came down to a Warrior vs a Monk with no end in sight so it was called a draw after 15 minutes and the 3rd battle was begun.

Team "Make It Work" ended up taking the 3rd battle and so a 4th and final battle was set up with each team tied.

After a hard fought 10 minutes, Team "Make It Work" ended up with the victory, after coming back from down one game and being outnumbered in the 2nd.

So, for coming in 2nd place, The Good Ol Days earned $300 each.

And Team "Make it Work" earned $500 each for coming in first.

So, congratulations to Nyla Eternal and Nerzhul from GSS, Yalin Oman from ALLY, and Earnbrand Aelbwine from boat on their victory! We have posted their skill list and choices here.

We were very happy with the execution and turnout of this, our very first sealed play tournament. Sure, there are a few things we can improve (some of the skill cards had errors and the room was very noisy) but 102 players competed in our qualifiers (74 uniques) and we kept the LAN area full during our scheduled times.

Thank you to Gen Con for allowing us to sponsor the e-game room and thank you to Jenny and Isaiah whose hard work helped this event get planned and executed.

Look for an announcement soon about the upcoming PAX Guild Wars 10k Arena as well as the upcoming Guild Wars Live events taking place at the Penny Arcade expo in Bellevue, WA August 25-27 and your chance to come try out Guild Wars sealed play for yourself!