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Guild Wars Support Forums FAQ

What are the Guild Wars Support Forums?

The Guild Wars Support Forums are an online resource where Guild Wars players can look up technical issues such as connectivity problems, submit a bug report, check on systems specs, or follow up on specific issues that have already been addressed by Support. The forums are also a place where players can provide other players with help or advice on support-related matters.

Does the Guild Wars Support Forums system replace the NCsoft website or the email address that I use to submit a ticket?

No. We'd like you to use the Guild Wars Support Forums to enhance our existing ticket system. Please continue to submit your question, comment, or concern to Support via the NCsoft website or through an email to Support. If you need us to follow up on a support issue, please provide us with your 12-digit Incident Number to aid us in researching your issue.

Should I post on the forums at the same time I submit a ticket? When is the best time to follow up on a question I've previously submitted to Support?

We ask that you allow Support to assist you first. Please wait at least three business days to give the Support Team time to respond before you post about an issue on this forum. Better still, allow the Support Team the time to work through the issue with you, and post here if you have a follow-up question or concern.

Can I submit a game bug in these forums?

Yes, by all means. The Bug Report sub-forum of the Guild Wars Support Forums is the new official home for bug reports. Our QA team will now be focusing their bug tracking on this forum and they'll do their best to keep you up-to-date on the status of reported bugs.

Can I post suggestions here?

Please continue to use the suggestions portal on the Guild Wars wiki for suggestions.

Will ArenaNet staff be involved in the Guild Wars Support Forums?

Yes, as time allows. But please keep in mind these forums aren't the place to discuss game lore, to learn about Guild Wars 2, or to make game suggestions. As the name implies, the Guild Wars Support Forums will be support-related only.

Why are the Guild Wars Support Forums only in English?

The Guild Wars Support Forums are in Beta stage and are only available in English at this time.

Why is the list of forums so limited?

This is a support-related forum set; each sub-forum focuses on specific support topics such as bug reports or technical support issues.

Do you have a set of forum rules?

Yes, we do. Please review the Guild Wars Support Forums Code of Conduct to familiarize yourself with our expectations for all forum members. Because of the focused nature of these forums, all topics are expected to relate to support and our behavioral guidelines will be strictly enforced.

How do I customize my posts?

You can use BBCode or Textile to customize your posts. See the Textile FAQ for more information.

Will you offer official forums for Guild Wars 2?

We have not made any announcements about forums related to Guild Wars 2.

Updated 8 June, 2011