Guild Wars




New Log In Process FAQ

Q: Why is ArenaNet changing the log-in process?

A: As an additional security measure to protect your account, you will now have to provide the name of a character on your account in order to log in to Guild Wars.

Q: What if I don't have any characters created on my account yet?

A: No problem. If you don't have any characters on your account, just leave the security question field blank. Once you create a character, however, you'll have to enter your character name in order to log in.

Q: What if I've forgotten the name of the character on my account?

A: Just contact Support and we'd be happy to help you out.

Q: If I have been disconnected from the game, will I have to re-enter my character name when I log in?

A: Yes.

Q: Will I need to answer the security question under any other circumstances?

A: If you add an item key to your account, you will have to enter a character name to log in.

Q: I have more than one character on my account. Does it matter which character name I use when I log in?

A: No. As long as you enter a valid character name that's assigned to your account, you can log in.

Q: Do you have any other additional security tips to help protect my account?

A: If you're concerned about security, consider changing your password. Make sure you use a unique password for your Guild Wars account.