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Winds of Change FAQ

Q: What is Winds of Change?

A: Winds of Change is a brand new Guild Wars storyline that takes place in Cantha. As part of Guild Wars Beyond, Winds of Change helps bridge the story between Guild Wars and the upcoming Guild Wars 2 by involving players in key historical events.

Q: What is Guild Wars Beyond?

A: Guild Wars Beyond is our name for a series of storylines and events in Guild Wars that helps set the stage for Guild Wars 2, which takes place 250 years in the future. Guild Wars Beyond begins with War in Kryta, then Hearts of the North, and continues with Winds of Change.

Q: What are the requirements to play Winds of Change?

A: In order to play the Winds of Change content, you must have finished Guild Wars Factions.

Q: Are there any special titles or rewards associated with Winds of Change?

A: While there are not any special titles tied to the new Winds of Change content, players will be able to acquire weapons from two new sets, including the never before seen Imperial weapons.

Q: How do I begin playing the Winds of Change content?

A: To get started, speak with Zei Ri, a white-clad Ministry of Purity member (pictured below) who is located in Kaineng Center in Cantha.


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