Seasonal Holidays and In-Game Events

All events begin and end at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time.


Canthan New Year

January 31 - February 7

Join the people of Cantha as they prepare a heavenly feast to honor the Celestial Animal of the coming year! This annual week-long celebration features Canthan cuisine, festive fireworks, special prizes, and the famed Shing Jea Boardwalk!

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Lucky Treats Week

March 14 - March 21

Shamrock Ale and Four-Leaf Clovers will be dropping throughout Tyria! Go fast, adventurers, and gather all the green you can before this special week ends!

Sweet Treats Week

April 10 - April 17

Sweet Treats Week is upon us, which means it’s time to load up on springtime goodies. Chocolate Bunnies and Golden Eggs will be randomly mixed in with regular drops all across Tyria. Get hopping!


Guild Wars Anniversary Celebration

April 22 – May 6

Guild Wars is another year older and the party just won't stop! Strap on your party hats, unpack your fireworks, and get ready to celebrate!

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Dragon Festival

June 27 - July 4

The Dragon Festival is almost upon us and Cantha is ready to roll out the red carpet. Time to stock up on bottle rockets, gorge on red bean cakes, and collect enough victory tokens for your pick of festival hats.

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Wintersday in July

July 24 - July 31

Just can't wait ‘til Wintersday? Jump into a mini version of Tyria’s famed winter celebration! Stock up on seasonal treats or target your friends in the Snowball Arena during this week-long celebration.

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Wayfarer's Reverie

August 25 - September 1

The spirit of adventure beckons to you! It’s time to seek out the festival coordinator on each continent and start a quest to prove your adventuring prowess. Collect enough evidence of your travels and receive a special gift!

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Pirate Week

September 13 - September 20

Avast! This seafaring celebration will have NPCs in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan talking like salty sea dogs. Join in the fun or walk the plank. Yarr!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1 - November 2

Sadie Salvitas arrives in Lion’s Arch on October 1 and will be selling vials of pink dye throughout the month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.



October 18 - November 2

Get ready for two whole weeks of mischief and mayhem in Tyria, courtesy of Mad King Thorn and his Lunatic Court. The madness escalates to the final event on October 31, when the Mad King himself appears every three hours—join if you dare!

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Special Treats Week

November 21 - November 28

It's time for special, seasonal delights such as Slices of Pumpkin Pie and Hard Apple Cider to begin to drop all over Tyria. Gather what you can, but don't stuff yourself; Wintersday is just around the corner!



December 19 - January 2

See towns glimmering with festive décor, deliver presents to needy little urchins, defeat the scheming Grentches, and spread Wintersday cheer to your fellow Tyrians! The fun culminates with a grand finale that runs every three hours on January 1!

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Guild Wars Beyond

Be a part of history! Beginning with the War in Kryta, this ongoing campaign sets the stage for Guild Wars 2 by focusing on legendary characters and crucial events in the Guild Wars storyline.


The first chapter in Guild Wars Beyond sweeps you up in a savage struggle for control of the land of Kryta with challenging bounty hunts, wartime costumes, and fateful battles! Help Princess Salma and the Shining Blade rebels liberate Kryta from the oppressive White Mantle and their sinister inhuman masters, the Mursaat! This content is available to all characters that have completed the Guild Wars: Prophecies or Guild Wars: Eye of the North campaigns.

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Reunite the legendary heroes Gwen and Keiran Thackeray in this all-new content that takes place in the aftermath of the War in Kryta. This romantic storyline features new quests, wedding costumes, a norn wedding planner, and special missions where you can play as Keiran himself! This content is available to all characters that have completed the last quest in War of Kryta.

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Winds of Change is a multi-stage storyline set in Cantha that features new quests, new Canthan costumes, and history-making battles. As part of Guild Wars Beyond, Winds of Change sets the stage for Guild Wars 2 by portraying crucial historical events. This content is available to all characters that have completed the Guild Wars: Factions campaign.

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